Launch of new Portugese – Maltese Chamber of Commerce

• Chamber will seek to bring Portuguese and Maltese Business communities together

(17.10.2013): The newly establish Portuguese-Maltese Chamber of Commerce (PMCC) was officially launched today at an event that was held at the Corinthia Hotel in Lisbon. The event was organized in order to celebrate the launch of the new Chamber of Commerce and to act as the first networking event between the Portuguese and Maltese business communities.

The launch was addressed by the Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Mr. Walter Mallia, in the absence of the non-resident Ambassador of Malta to Portugal, H.E. Joseph Filletti, Dr Augusto de Athayde, the President of the newly-formed Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Luis Amado, Chairman of Banif Bank and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal.

Dr. Augusto de Athayde explained how the PMCC will aim to play a pivotal role in the promotion of trade and investment between the Maltese and Portuguese business communities and will seek to inform and assist any company, Portuguese or Maltese, which is interested in developing commercial relations with counterparts in Malta or Portugal. Companies will benefit by being part of the Chamber’s network which will enable them to be kept abreast of any developments of interest.

He stated that the PMCC will also aim to act as an intermediary between the Portuguese andMaltese business communities and other public and private institutions that play a role in economic development, trade, commerce and investment in both Portugal and Malta.

The key opportunities for doing business in both countries were highlighted during the event. The Chargé d’Affaires highlighted how, being an island state located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has long been referred to as both the commercial as well as political crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Mr. Mallia explained that an important part of the work carried out by the Embassy of Malta in Portugal, has been the development of strategic relationships between the Portuguese and Maltese business communities, with the aim of raising awareness of the opportunities trade and investment that each country can offer.

He continued to say that this dedication to strengthening commercial ties between Portugal and Malta is testimony to the fact that both countries have much to offer in terms of trade and investment and that relations between the two countries remain a high priority for the Maltese authorities. This is just one reason why the Embassy of Malta in Portugal is actively supporting the newly establish Portugal-Malta Chamber of Commerce.

He also explained how the Embassy and the PMCC both work in close collaboration with Malta Enterprise, which is the Maltese government’s economic development agency and responsible from managing investment and trade programmes across a wide variety of sectors.

Further information on the Portuguese-Maltese Chamber of Commerce, its services and how to become a member can be found on its website

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