Doing Business in Malta

Malta has always played a pivotal role internationally due to its location right at the heart of the
Mediterranean and a crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Throughout the years, the country has developed and diversified its economy, adeptly leveraging its strategic geographic position, complementing this with good governance, a stable administrative and ICT infrastructure, a robust legal and fiscal framework as well as a favourable fiscal regime.

The country has always played a pivotal role internationally due to its location right at the heart of the Mediterranean. The more recent past, since independence in 1964, has seen the country develop its economy in an impressive way. Thanks to a wide variety of inherent advantages such as well-educated labour force, good governance standards and strategic geographic position, the country has been very successful in recent years in diversifying its production and export structure towards higher value-added sectors and creating a strong knowledge based economy.

Malta also has a strong national commitment to attracting foreign investment, with a number of targeted incentives that have been designed to facilitate investment projects in sectors such as ICT, digital media, high tech manufacturing, aviation and the life sciences (such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices). Other sectors of importance include tourism, financial services and English Language teaching.

Such incentives are complemented by a highly beneficial corporate tax regime whereby shareholders can, under certain conditions, receive a reimbursement of 5/7, 6/7 or 2/3 of the corporate tax paid in Malta.

The country is an ideal location for trade and investment, with a stable political, economic and social environment, high levels of quality productivity a skilled and flexible and multilingual workforce.

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