Doing Business in Portugal

A breathtakingly beautiful country geo-strategically located on the West Coast of Europe, Portugal has a great deal to offer investors including a very high standard of operation and an the potential to act as an ideal platform to other international markets across the Atlantic.

Portugal is an innovative country with a friendly economic and business environment . As a founding member of the European Union, Portugal is also a member of euro zone and is amongst the 50 largest economies in the world, with a positive track record in terms of economic growth over the last 40 years.

The Portuguese economy is based on the services industry, with the sector accounting for 73% of gross value-added (GVA) and employing almost 60% of the working population.

Portugal has great logistic and communication infrastructures with connections to major cities by air, land, sea, road or railway and our communications and telephone systems are known as one of the best and more advanced in the world.

Trade and investment activities are supported by the excellent quality of the country’s human resources, with a highly skilled and talented workforce and an excellent grasp of the English language.

In terms of manufacturing, the Portuguese economy has changed to focus on high-value and high tech manufacturing including the manufacture of motor vehicles and components, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other new technologies.

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
GDP cp  Million (€)  171.983  168.504  172.571  171.632  168.286  172.648
Per capita  EUR  16.195  15.885  16.194  16.150  15.497  15.341
Inflation Rate (Yearly change rate)  Yearly change rate  2,7  -0,9  1,4  3,6  3,3  1,5

Sources: GEE, Statistics of Portugal, Bank of Portugal; 2013 forecasts: Eurostat; European Commission (European Economic Forecast – Autumn 2011 e Interim Forecast February 2012); Bank of Portugal (Boletim Económico de Inverno); EIU – Economist Intelligence Unit

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